Author: Canopus

Greetings, my name is Canopus and I've been on this earth for 20 years. Early on in life I've played a lot of video games which brought levity to my childhood of physical abuse. For as long as I can remember I always wanted to make video games which I'm currently an aspiring game designer. In recent times works such as Reality is Broken, Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, No Game No Life, Re:Zero, and my own spiritual growth opened the flood gates for me to express my message to the world. By no means am I perfect, in fact I embrace my fallibility and am open to new experiences and growth. Welcome to and I hope you'll extract value out of what I have to share.

Social Butterflies: The Struggle To Be Social

  Socializing can be quite exhausting, like holding a bench press for a certain period of time. Growing up I’ve always wrestled with socializing with others outside my family and even being around family can be draining as well. Sometimes I wish I could just retreat from people and live in absolute solitude. It feels as though I wear two… Read more →

“Boring Little World”

  Growing up I’ve had quite a weird taste in things according to popular conventions. I grew up in the hood not liking hip-hop or mainstream music but instead having a fondness for video game music and JPOP. I always found what I listened to on the radio to be quite distasteful, stories that I still don’t resonate with to… Read more →

“No Marketing Required”

  Imagine if Life Online needed marketing like a video game getting released to the public? That we needed to be convinced of this experience’s merit? Now I’m sure you can agree that Life Online needn’t be sold or marketed, albeit a number of us feel at times that it isn’t worth living all the way through.   Back in… Read more →

“The Never Ending Story”

  If a tree falls in a forest, is she at her end? Does her story end and thus leaves the stage? This came to mind as me and my Mother we’re having a sharing of thoughts on her book project in the works. From the rough draft of what I’ve read for her book she recalled an experience where… Read more →