New Game Infinity is a platform with the objective of educating, inspiring, and informing players of Life Online to encourage the ongoing growth of ourselves and the world. New Game Infinity was born out of the philosophy that life is not simply a game but the original game. The most mysterious, complex, and beautiful experience that we’ll have the privilege of playing as human beings. 


We at New Game Infinity are a collective of individuals with an upbringing and love for otaku culture. We all have been troubled by the difficulties of modern society and strive to seek meaning out of the chaos. Our mission is to produce content that is relevant and engaging to our audience via manga, e-books, whitepapers, zines, essays, and the like. All proceeds that we receive go towards keeping this platform alive and paying it forward to others.




Greetings, my name is Canopus and I’ve been on this earth for 20 years. Early on in life I’ve played a lot of video games which brought levity to my childhood of physical abuse. For as long as I can remember I always wanted to make video games which I’m currently an aspiring game designer. In recent times works such as Reality is Broken, Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, No Game No Life, Re:Zero, and my own spiritual growth opened the flood gates for me to express my message to the world. By no means am I perfect, in fact I embrace my fallibility and am open to new experiences and growth. Welcome to NewGameInfinity.com and I hope you’ll extract value out of what we have to share.




Hello, my name is Moh and I’m the Chief Creative Officer of NewGameInfinity.com. From a very young age video games and anime held a very prominent place in my life, in other words I consider myself a die-hard otaku. I handle all creative output as well as the aesthetic direction of this platform. Like Canopus, anime and video games helped me in my life when the stress of the world weighed heavily on my shoulders, some of my most loved titles are Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Kingdom Hearts 1, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, K-ON!, as well as the works of composers Yoko Shimomura and Masashi Hamauzu. Welcome to NewGameInfinity.com and make yourself at home!