New Game Infinity is a platform with the objective of educating, inspiring, and informing players of Life Online to encourage the ongoing growth of ourselves and the world. New Game Infinity was born out of the worldview that life is not simply a game but the original game. The most mysterious, complex, and beautiful experience that we’ll have the privilege of playing as human beings.


We at New Game Infinity are a collective of individuals with an upbringing and love for otaku culture, self-professed “philotaku”. We all have been troubled by the difficulties of modern society and desire to seek meaning out of the artificial chaos.


We’ve arrived here today as a result of the trying experiences we’ve had in our lives such as physical abuse, mental illness, bedwetting, corrupted religion, and the gaping hole that was filled by artifacts of otaku culture. The conclusion that was reached was that there’s a reason for everything and that things are the way they are not by happenstance but by design on the social level. Whatever group, belief, or school of thought you affiliate yourself with, you’ll find value from what we share here on New Game Infinity.


We are all worldbuilders, defining our existence with each thought and action. Life began with KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING, then from that sprouted WISDOM. Wisdom is what makes knowledge known hence why we perceive Life Online in terms of a massively interconnected system of expression. Without this expression of knowledge there is no life, and without knowledge of ourselves, there’s no human progress. We are here to contextualize our place in it, drawing from many subjects and social issues through the lens of this philosophy thus catering to us patrons of video games, anime, and manga.


Life Online is the most complex and time-consuming endeavor of creating order out of chaos. This endeavor raises the ideas of objectivity, what it means to be human, and what we ultimately strive for as an existence. What makes us human is that of the ability to learn. Learning, turning order out of chaos, is the cornerstone of human achievement and culture as well as our darkest moments in history. This herculean effort requires cooperation on the part of all of us, to share knowledge and meet all our needs through nonviolent means. We must also be tuned into the fact that predators do exist to prevent such action from taking place through occulting (hiding) information and dividing us.


If there’s a God or Supreme Intelligence, twisting the words of Kamina from Gurren Lagann: we believe in The Intelligence that believes in us, The Master Game Designer. We’re all here to unravel the secrets of ourselves and the world in order to flourish as a creation, and it won’t be an easy ride for much knowledge regarding the nature of humanity and our world has been occulted from us throughout history. To warn our audience beforehand, some of the content we’ll share on this website will challenge your beliefs and assumptions about how the world works, however we’re not here to debunk or prove anything but to simply create a space to have an ongoing discussion as well as gush over our favorite anime or video games. Welcome to New Game Infinity and we hope you’ll enjoy your stay here!




Greetings, my name is Canopus and I’ve been on this earth for 21 years. Early on in life, I’ve played a lot of video games which brought levity to my childhood of physical abuse. For as long as I can remember I always wanted to make video games which I’m currently an aspiring game designer. In recent times works such as Reality is Broken, Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, No Game No Life, Re: Zero, and my own spiritual growth opened the floodgates for me to express my message to the world. By no means am I perfect, in fact, I embrace my fallibility and am open to new experiences and growth. Welcome to NewGameInfinity.com and I hope you’ll extract value out of what we have to share.