Hello! My name is Canopus and I’m the founder of New Game Infinity. I’m an illustrator, multimedia artist, as well as writer. What you’ll find here is all the art that I produce and I hope that you’ll have me, so browse around and enjoy yourself! 


I had a childhood upbringing and love for otaku culture. Many of us have been troubled by the difficulties of modern society and the desire to seek meaning out of the chaos.


I’ve arrived here today as a result of the trying experiences I’ve had in my life such as physical abuse, mental illness, bedwetting, corrupted religion, and the gaping hole that was filled by artifacts of otaku culture.


I use art to explore the many ideas and concepts that I’m passionate about such as game design, philosophy of game design, otaku culture, and many other subjects and studies. If you’d really like to get into my ideas I recommend checking out my Must-Read Articles!