E3 2018: Different Year, Same Old Stuff


So E3 2018 has come and gone and I can say for certain that it was disappointing at worst to okay at best. I’m not even going to mention EA and Square Enix‘s amazingly bad press conferences.



Now don’t get me wrong, there was no shortage of great games on showcase such as Sekiro, Spider-Man, The Last of Us Part 2, Elder Scrolls Mobile, Control, and the long-awaited darling Kingdom Hearts 3 (finally!)



As E3 was steadily approaching, as excited as I was, I prepared myself to be disappointed by the sheer lack of variety that was going to be on display. I’ve tuned into E3 since 2009 and can say confidently that overall it hasn’t changed one bit. Despite Microsoft showing off literally 50 games at their conference, some of which I’m quite interested in, they’re more of the same games we’ve always been playing.



I know many probably won’t understand the disappointment I feel towards AAA gaming, but that’s simply because I see a lack of innovation¬†and variety. I have no doubt that these development studios that make the games we pour thousands of hours into have great talent and who really care about the experiences they’re making.



This E3 I was looking to see if there was going to be one game, just one game that’d blow me away in terms of concept. Well, we got Death Stranding which is the weirdest game everyone’s talking about although not much gameplay. Regardless of how dishonest and scandalous companies have been these past few years, I’m still holding out to see what Kojima Productions has up their sleeve.



I honestly don’t know where AAA gaming is headed creatively, and whether development studios will be given the OK to create something no one has ever seen before. I’m equally excited to see what Ninja Theory will create next now that they’re under Microsoft’s wing, which I’m also worried about.



Will Death Stranding perhaps be the Evangelion of the video game industry? Maybe, maybe not. But what I see right now is dumb controversies, unfulfilled promises, bullshots, plastic canned PR responses, loot boxes, microtransactions, DLC for DLC, just a myriad of petty nonsense within this gaming culture.



It seems to me that companies are unwilling to change, with a player-base that is willing to buy into their wicked schemes. Nothing of this gaming culture will change if minds remain unwilling to do so. It’s appalling that we got the “PS4rtnite” controversy as well as the Black Ops 4 controversy just shortly after E3 ended. Not because these companies genuinely made a mistake but that these are calculated decisions that don’t put players first.



They’ve shown time and time again that they don’t care about us, that a company like Sony can lock Fortnite accounts on its platform. This isn’t just about Fortnite but the attitude of companies overall. Money talks and gamers must vote with their wallets if they don’t want to be taken advantage of like some Mama’s Boy. Our time and money are important to us, resources that can go elsewhere to more fulfilling activities such as dance lessons, picking up a new skill, or scuba diving, companies need to know that.

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