Is You or Is You Ain’t My Waifu?


The concept of the waifu is a peculiar thing. If you’re someone like me who’s been watching anime for a long time, you eventually come across your favorite female (or male) characters.



Like an astronomer reaching out for the stars in earnest only for his efforts to be futile, that’s the reality of those who possess a waifu. It’s fascinating just how much we fans desire for anime to be real. It can be frustrating to know that what lights up our lives can’t ever be attained. Personally, for me, it’s parting with the lovable characters of K-ON! knowing I won’t ever get to meet them. K-ON! is a show that always fills me with delight whenever I watch it, I can come back to it time and time again and never get bored.



I’m sure you’d like to know who my waifu are, they are Hirasawa Yui from K-ON! and Imai Midori from Shirobako. When it comes to having waifu there’s something about a character that makes you feel a certain way. It could be their personality, the way they dress, or how they interact with other characters. They can function as a sort of ideal you’d like to see in real women, which can be healthy if approached correctly.



What I love about Yui is her airheaded personality, love for her friends, as well as her odd intellect and determination when it comes to putting her heart into something that catches her curiosity. All these qualities of her are very sexy to me, not in an erotic way but simply things I’m attracted to. It was very inspiring to watch her grow as an individual over the course of the series, by the end the viewer is confident that she will go on to do great things as will all the characters of the Light Music Club. The fact that this show was produced by an all-female staff made the world of K-ON! all the more believable. The show is so special to me that I could never bring myself to look at hentai of it!



Imai Midori, on the other hand, is endearing in different ways. I absolutely relate to her love of learning which becomes her advantage towards putting her foot in the anime industry. It all starts with episode 10 when Midori offers to help her friend Miyamori with researching diesel trains, which in turn gives her the adorable nickname “Diesel-san.” Not to mention she has by far the best character design in the show. I can’t stress enough just how sexy all the female characters are in Shirobako, P.A. Works really finessed this series!



Anime or real-life? Without life, there’s no anime, and without anime, there’d be no waifu. Many anime fans ponder this question, deciding between the two. The simple existence or complex existence? It’s a difficult decision to make if you ask me, it’s not so simple. Life Online is beautiful but with no shortage of problems on the part of human existence. Anime is beautiful but with no shortage of poorly written characters and unbelievable worlds. I follow Digibro’s sentiment, that if anime were real it’d have to have female characters as believable as real women.



But you know what I think? I don’t think we simply want to run away from our problems, we just want what is authentic and makes us happy. Anime does that, and believable characters do that. Anime makes sense, whereas human life usually doesn’t. We can all agree that human life has its complications, its why we flock to video gaming, anime, and other forms of media. Not to run away but make sense of our lives, its what stories have done for us since time immemorial.



I’m a man that doesn’t have much experience with women, and truth be told I’m still a virgin and I’ve never been in a relationship. Back in January I actually conducted an experiment, and that was to use Tinder for the first time with the intention of simply getting to know women, without any sexual expectations. I was hesitant at first for the fact that I’m cynical towards dating platforms, but at the end of the day, Tinder is simply a tool. Not surprisingly I lost interest in using the platform and eventually deleted it, but it was an interesting experiment nonetheless.



Ever since childhood, I’ve always been attracted to Japanese women and more broadly Asian women. Funnily enough, the first face I ever saw upon leaving my Mother’s womb was of a female Asian doctor, I’m not making this up!  But as much as I have a fondness for Japanese women, I don’t know who’ll come into my life to be my mate. I’m hoping she’ll be Japanese but I don’t know, I could increase my chances by learning Japanese and moving to Japan which is my long-term goal. But in the meantime, I’m holding out on sex and relationships until I’m ready to make that leap, for now, I’m investing in my own future.



Men could easily become deluded with the fascination of waifu, but on the flip-side things can be learned from it. For one my favorite characters possess qualities that I’d like in my potential companion. The fact that so much passion by a female staff was put into the creation of an adaptation, based on a source material that leaned on the more pandering side, calls for those characters to be appreciated in their sincerity. Shows like K-ON! and Shirobako only add to my appreciation for real women, because such expression wouldn’t be possible without the true source material, the female.


*Credit goes to Timbougami for his fabulous Yui illustration!


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