“From Domino’s Otaku to Desktop Otaku”


The dominoes have fallen and the Pizza Wizard has retired. My days at Domino’s are coming to an end and although it was short-lived, I’m very grateful for the experience.



I compare my time at Taco Bell to now and can say wholeheartedly that I was very much a different person socially. For a long while, I was always a withdrawn person, struggling to truly express myself to others outside of my family. Even now I still lean towards being anti-social but at least I can now manage to communicate out there in the world.



I described in one of my previous posts that growing up I always struggled with socializing with others and that it was very tiring to do so. I even had several episodes of depression in recent years as a result of my social awkwardness.



Fast-food joints get a bad rap for many different reasons, but there’s no doubt that it helped me greatly with my people skills. Working at Domino’s was frustrating, boring, hilarious, and even rewarding at times. I’m truly glad that I got to be around such oddball characters in the workplace.



No matter how trying or frustrating such an experience can be, it is certainly intense to part ways with coworkers you’ve grown attached to, even for as little as several weeks. You never know what may be going on in someone else’s life, or it may be death for them. They may be drifting through life like lint captured in the sun’s rays, shining through an afternoon window. But you never know how you may cheer up someone’s day by simply just working the same shift as them.



I’ve seen a number of employees leave Domino’s in the nearly year-and-a-half that I’ve worked there, it’s simply business as usual for the busiest Domino’s in St. Petersburg. Although you can be happy for your fellow coworkers possibly moving on to better things, it can sting a little to know that they’ll no longer be around.



Jobs like Domino’s are comparable to subway stations, people coming and going, some staying for long periods of time. It was mesmerizing experiencing the NYC Subway for the first time, especially when going downtown. You see so many people of all sizes, skin color, occupation, hobbies, etc. Domino’s is basically a slower subway, where unless you really know a person you never know when they’ll just take a flight somewhere else.



I knew from the outset that I didn’t intend to stay at Domino’s for long, and that time has now come. I am officially Desktop Otaku (Desktop Otaku, there’s a nice ring to that). I now have more flexibility in my schedule to invest in the things I care about, such as this website. My goal for this year is to make a full-time living off of my artwork and hopefully, you guys will get to purchase my wonderful beauties.



If I had to leave any parting advice for anyone based on my experience, you are not your job! If you find your¬†situation less than ideal, work towards that ideal. This is the 21st century on Planet Earth in Life Online, take advantage of this luxury! If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, move from customer support standing around all day to customer support working butt-naked. Imagine yourself as a game piece on the board of society, except you’re granted greater options. For me I moved horizontally, customer support standing around all day to customer support working in my PJ’s. Try it!



I know it can be frustrating to work the same menial job day after day, but we ask for it otherwise we wouldn’t be where we are. No one said you have to stay put, this ain’t kangaroo court, it’s not prison.



I’ve seen several individuals that think their situation can’t be any better as if they can’t work anywhere else besides Domino’s. Everything worth doing in life requires work and by work, I mean something to be done.¬†If you want to get anywhere particular in life you create a plan and game to get there, otherwise, you’ll always be stuck on level 1-1.







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  1. NEET says:

    Yo man, I’ve been lurking on this blog for about a year or so now, reading whenever you update. You mentioned you want to make a living off your artwork, do you have a link of your art to share? I’d be really interested in checking it out and best of luck to your endeavors as a desktop otaku!

    1. Canopus says:

      Hello, I can’t believe you’ve been looking at my blog for a whole year, I’m happy to hear you’ve stuck around. Yes I do have my art to share on Pixiv:


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