“The Never Ending Story”


If a tree falls in a forest, is she at her end? Does her story end and thus leaves the stage? This came to mind as me and my Mother we’re having a sharing of thoughts on her book project in the works. From the rough draft of what I’ve read for her book she recalled an experience where a butterfly was playing with her life on the public roads here in St. Pete, and eventually met her demise when she flew into my Mother’s car. This was the same butterfly that I happened to notice in the back window of her car last year, at the time this occurrence was symbolic to me given the nature of this platform.


Anyways, what me and my Mother we’re talking about concerning this butterfly was that her death doesn’t necessarily mean that her story is over. Yes her biological functions ceased to operate but does that mean that her influence and her mark on the world ceased to be as well? Of course not, otherwise we wouldn’t raise statues of the world’s greatest thinkers or share their stories beyond their lifetime. I’d like to give an example from the world of Naruto. The Village Hidden in The Leaf is built from the contributions of everyone involved, from the humble ramen chef all the way up to the Hokage. Despite the many Hokage that gave their lives for the Leaf Village, their legacy nevertheless lives on into later generations. It’s like a conversation that is exchanged throughout time whether or not someone isn’t aware of the influence of the deceased. How many butterflies are actually aware of every single butterfly that existed before them?


Without influence and legacy the exchange of ideas and knowledge wouldn’t exist. Artistic inspiration wouldn’t exist either, I can’t imagine where I’d be right now if my favorite musicians such as Hamauzu Masashi and Ling Tosite Sigure didn’t touch me on a deep level. So if a tree falls in a forest does her story end? I don’t think so, that tree simply enters another phase of its physical existence. The tree may be dead biologically but its death is accounted for and has a use for other organisms within her immediate environment. For example, dead trees can be used for what is called hugelkultur which are raised garden beds using rotten wood such as dead trees, sticks, twigs, stumps, etc. I actually made a poster for the St. Peace House’s own hugelkultur site which was a fun experience.


If we look at everything being composed of energy, we can then conclude that energy can’t be destroyed based on the law of conservation of energy. A person can die with the body not having a soul to inhabit it, but energetically speaking that body isn’t meaningless dead weight nor was the life that was lived up to that point. That body is still connected to Life Online and has a purpose or utility, typically we bury dead bodies or cremate them. But that which degrades has a purpose for creatures that feed on them such as scavengers and decomposers. It’s quite fascinating just how complex and purposeful Life Online is. But excluding the biological role that dead organisms play in the scheme of Life Online, this point is nevertheless relevant to the human experience.


So if dead organisms are definitely accounted for within the operation of Life Online, what makes us think that the soul isn’t accounted for as well? “Where do we go after death?”, “What is my ultimate destiny” are questions that have been asked time and time again throughout our time on this planet. I firmly stand by the belief that The Day will come when all of our deeds will be judged thus determining our ultimate destiny. It’s kind of like a results screen in a video game where your judged based on your performance and receive a letter grade only more monumental.


Your life has meaning or it doesn’t have meaning if that’s how you see it; regardless of how meaningless one may think their life is they’ll still be painting in this art project. You’ll inevitably make marks on the page like everyone else, what’s important is what marks you’ll make that’ll leave an impact on not only your life but everyone else’s. Hence one who grasps the art of living is one who lives a fulfilling life. Because like I said in a previous article we tend to forget just how important we are to people and what effect we have on them. Someone may hate us or they may admire us, may look down at us or look up to us. If I had to say anything it’d be that how we perceive our personal selves is what’s important. It’s crucial to playing Life Online, what we live for, and what we want to leave here when we log-out for the final time.


I’m still very young and I don’t have the answers to everything, I’m merely correcting myself as I go along in Life Online. But I hope to leave a legacy for those around me, to have a healthier more objective view of themselves and reality. The idea that life is like a game is nothing new, especially in this day and age. I absolutely don’t want others adopting this worldview simply because it’s fashionable or emotionally pleasing. This worldview reflects my understanding of life just like any scientist or philosopher. Is it imperfect? Certainly. But the precedent I desire to set is one based on critical judgment and reflection. It is every person’s responsibility (myself included) to question our beliefs and assumptions about our world, otherwise we’ll always be dependent thinkers who rely on external sources whether they be New Game Infinity, CNN, The London School of Economics, or any “expert” on the Internet.


So I invite everyone to challenge my views just as I will challenge yours. Post in the comments section, make Youtube videos, and let’s have a healthy conversation. That’s the precedent that I’d like to set, the mark that I want to make on this canvas.

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