“Is Your Life An Experiment?”


Enjoying my day off from work until I start my official schedule tomorrow, subsequently after a successful day on Saturday. Getting to know my coworkers, getting used to the job, I’m quite enjoying my time there. I don’t want to force myself to enjoy something such as this, I just want to do the best I can on the job. I can gladly say that my time at Taco Bell has concluded and I don’t wish to go back there, I’ve spent 9 months working for that establishment and I can gladly say it was well-spent.


What will I think about Domino’s three, six, nine months from now? I don’t know but all I’m thinking about is putting forth my all at what I have on the table, to enjoy the ride and welcome the storm. We tend to think that if we’re not enjoying ourselves at something then we should quit and do something else. I understand that sentiment, one has every right to test out whether something works for them or not but personally I disagree. Every person’s life is an experiment and what works for one person may not work for another.


No one can tell you what doesn’t work for you, you are the personal scientist and can determine whether something works for you or not. Not everyone likes pizza, not everyone likes RPG games, not everyone likes anime, not everyone likes Sword Art Online. One may not consider themselves a multipotentialite but others may (myself included). One may not want to run a renaissance business but there are others who like doing it or would like to do it.


Everyone has their personal journey, desires, and things they place importance in. An essential part of a personal journey is getting to know who we are as individual players of Life Online. Not only our preferences and interests but also the psychological, spiritual, and physical aspects of ourselves (especially the uncomfortable). As for me I want to pop in that Domino’s “cartridge” and bring my “A” game, because what’s important to me is seeing how new experiences will show who Muhammed Abdul-Ghaffar is to me.


I want to seek new experiences, to see who Muhammed is in different situations, truly a profound role-playing experience. How would I respond in a situation where I have to jump out of a plane? To eat a cooked tarantula? To get involved in a discussion that revolves around the state of the world? How will Muhammed respond to familiar experiences from the past now that I’m more experienced? This is my personal experiment, to welcome the unknown, the mystery that is Life Online and how I’ll respond to it. I appreciate the need to create orderly environments such as modern society, however I don’t welcome sterilized predictable environments (à la The Giver).


Life Online is dynamic, always changing. What may be here today may not be here tomorrow. The next hour for all of us isn’t promised, we may be gone by then. The same can be said for the status quo, the education system, the job market, etc. I can say with a degree of certainty that the job I have at Domino’s (Customer Service Rep) will be gone in the future, replaced by automation. Many jobs will be replaced by automation in the future which I highly recommend that anyone reading this should get those STEM skills up.


But I digress, my goal is to continue working at Domino’s until I can generate a livable passive income from New Game Infinity, so in the mean time bring on the cheese!

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