“Don’t Take It Personal”


You know what’s the difference between a game and Life Online? Games possess no inherent risk involved when playing them, but in Life Online you’ll be confronted with challenges where you may not come out physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually unscathed. I’ll draw upon my experiences with working at Taco Bell and Domino’s Pizza.


Looking back on my experience working at Taco Bell I wish I could’ve done things differently. From before I felt ashamed of myself for my performance as a backup. At a time when I was distressed at home there was one day where the kitchen was totally behind. It was an afternoon lunch rush, not enough food was prepared, sink was filled with dishes, and I was the only backup on duty. My friend and coworker (Won’t disclose his name) was scheduled to come in and saw the mess I had for him, I was on break when he came in.


Filled with irritation, he approached me to express about the state of the store. I completely agreed with his sentiment knowing deep down I felt utterly disgusted with myself, and all of this was before I’d resign from my job to move to New York City. As a black man, as a human being, as a Taco Bell representative, I felt like the scum of the earth to be feeling like I did. I couldn’t tell anyone what was going on with me because no one would understand, especially with regards to my religion in the household that I was living in and another debacle that was going on. My failure hit me hard, I wanted to run away or disappear, never to be seen again. On a side-note Re:Zero was actually one of my favorite anime of 2016 for the reason being that I connected with the main character Subaru and his disgust with himself later on in the series, except the wish fulfillment part (Not that part -_-).


That was 2015, now it is 2017 and I’m working at Domino’s. At Domino’s and most fast-food establishments you’ll deal with upset customers every once in a while, and you’ll make mistakes. Today I got a call from a customer who wanted to check up on her order because she made it online. Subsequently I checked the store computer for her order and nothing came up. This was my third day on the job so this situation was 大変 (Taihen= Difficult) for me.


I made the mistake of miscommunicating her message to my coworkers, she then got upset with me and requested that she speak with my general manager. Of course I apologized for the inconvenience and handed the phone over to my manager. In a situation like that it’s easy to absorb the customers’ frustration and feel personally attacked. But one lesson that must be learned in fast-food and Life Online in general is to not take anything personally, no matter how personal an attack may seem. Think of it like a hectic match from one of your favorite multiplayer games like Battlefield, Super Smash Bros., or Overwatch, you’ll make mistakes but you move on.


To me this is how I now operate behind the Domino’s uniform and what I live by under this human suit. Because guess what, the customers will never know what it’s like in the trenches until they actually experience it themselves, and they may not know you personally. Working at Domino’s is unlike my experience working at Taco Bell, I’m actually enjoying the “pizza rush” that I get from working there. The upset customers, the onslaught of order stickers, the barrage of incoming calls, I welcome the storm to see what it’ll make of me.


At the end of each day I expel a sigh of relief and look back on my performance like a pro gamer would for a Halo match. Domino’s won’t be another job for me, I want to own my job like the Iron Throne and work alongside my coworkers. Although this is only a temporary job, I don’t want to bail out on this one. I’m tired of running, tired of victim-consciousness, I don’t want the domino’s tumbling down (See what I did there?). I want to hone my character because this life is all that I have.

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