“There’s Nothing New Under The Sun”


“There’s nothing new under the sun”, these are the words that left a strong impression on me imparted by my Grandmother, Gwendolyn Stevenson, God bless her soul. I came to really understand these words after the “world is going to end in 2012” debacle. Now that I’m much older I can see that in the 21st century, no matter what I observe with my senses, no matter what event unfolds on the world stage, that we’ve been here before.


In a way it almost feels like a time paradox, as if it continues to repeat itself. That no matter how seemingly technologically advanced we purport to be, that there have been and are still advanced civilizations out there. Advanced civilizations that far surpassed us not only technologically but socially, ethically, mentally, physically, but more importantly spiritually. As it stands we as a race for a long time have been living in an awesome state of dissonance on multiple levels, we are out of tune and out of sync with the concert of creation.


It is said by a number of people that we’re living in an interesting time, a time of political upheaval, social change, and a transformation of consciousness on a global level. That the tapestry that was weaved by the global elite throughout history is falling apart.


At first glance this looked pleasing and promising to me; however recently with the atrocities that are taking place across the world such as Standing Rock, economic crises, poverty, the violation of human rights, the psychopathic nature of the global elite, I began to lose all hope and slowly but surely withdraw from Life Online. Never mind the fact that the perfectibilists of the world studied extensively throughout history the inner workings of human beings and how to control us.


I wanted to disappear, stagnate, even considered committing suicide on multiple occasions. Wasting my days away indulging in the carnal pleasures that are known as masturbation and pornography. My mind, awareness, and focus slowly drifting away like a boat at sea, as a result of constant ejaculation. Not even the blessings that were abundant in my life, siblings, my Mother, a healthy body, a handsome face, a supportive family, friends, and a completed compulsory schooling, couldn’t pull me out of the rut that I made for myself.


For a time I gave up, and the feeling was beyond pitiful. I have in possession some of the best books of literary merit, from Plato’s Republic to Psycho-Cybernetics, but I did nothing with that knowledge thinking that knowing equated doing, never mind intellectualism not being the end in our conscious evolution. I felt like I was at my end, I was disgusted with who I was and couldn’t bear to look at my own reflection in the mirror.


From the looks of it, it seems that we’re headed to hell in a handbasket, that how the Story of The People will conclude will be not because we fought with all we had, but because of inaction, ignorance, and miseducation. Especially in a world where information can effortlessly be accessed by a simple tap of our finger.


This mindset, amplified from one person to many persons, creates a mass of individuals who willingly choose to not change their situation despite becoming informed. All the while behind-the-scenes men and women that we never heard of, exercise their creative powers to bring about a world that we’d otherwise not create for ourselves. At the same time denying us the same right to exercise our own creative powers.


I’ve played many video games throughout my life, some of the hardest ones being Ninja Gaiden 2 and Dark Souls. In these experiences, although difficult, success was in reach of me no matter how many times I stumbled, but I felt that the same thing couldn’t be said for Life Online. In this experience I felt weak, hopeless, powerless, knowing that deep down there lies a potential waiting to be awakened. But eventually, I learned some valuable lessons from my time playing video games. Despite my nihilistic tendencies when I’m at my worst, I’m a wholehearted believer in life having a purpose, an intelligent purpose for why we’re here.


It’s no accident that we’re born, to be greeted with the gift of life and to gift it to others. To be part of a global community comprised of many faces of the human experience that is culture. To be endowed with great creative power and volition that if not used responsibly and ethically, can lead to our downfall. Make no mistake, Life Online is not easy, in fact, it can even get incredibly unbearable. But just as with any other game, we can make our experience a bit easier and manageable. We may throw down our controllers in frustration and declare that all of this is hopeless, meaningless even, which are in fact by their very nature definitions. However, there is nothing that indicates that life isn’t worth living or fighting for.


We’ve all experienced moments of happiness, excitement, sadness, even moments where our lives are on the line. To spend time with those that we love, to spend an afternoon fishing with your grandpa or father, to win that championship, to test your mettle by venturing out into the woods, to ask that girl out, to journey to a country that you’ve never been to before, to make that breaking scientific discovery, to receive a standing ovation after a musical performance, to know that a child will sleep with a full belly at night, to achieve a successful political victory in the name of the people, to form ties with countries to extinguish the flames of violence, to live and play Life Online.


Doesn’t “living” feel great? To be in the present moment, to stretch your being? To live in a world where everyone has the opportunity to live, be the best they can be, and die happy and fulfilled? These things are ample enough reasons for me to continue living, so that another soul may get their fill of what Life Online has to offer. I want to live in a world where everyone has the right to live, to stretch or “level up” as far as they can possibly go. A world without deception, occultation, and anything that conflicts with human needs.


A world where people don’t needlessly die from diseases because the powers that be deny us the rights to Earth’s provisions. But ultimately, a world where humanity can survive and thrive together and do the impossible in Life Online. But none of that can come to fruition without the active participation of all of us to protect our divine rights as human beings; from those who seek to infringe on those rights whether they be governments, banking families, corporations, or the everyday person. Ideals can only go so far, the first step in creating change is acknowledging reality as it is and doing something about it.


Although we detest evil and wish to extinguish it, everything in creation has a pivotal role, including evil. It is our responsibility as co-creators to understand the underlying causes of the world’s ills before we put forth any solutions, otherwise, we’d be only focusing on the symptoms. I can speak intellectually on these topics but they won’t amount to anything without not only outer work but also inner work. “Leveling up” or improving oneself is far from easy, and that one may get lonely on their path to self-discovery. But the pain is necessary before we can truly be what we call “awake.”

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  1. Soul Happy says:

    I am a personally a very spiritual person and deeply reflective individual, a born observer. In my time here I look at all of the trials and tribulations that my life encounters on the daily. I absolutely have understanding of this ideology of Life Online and everything being relative in the world. I am sure that you will find many others who also share this prospective on life.

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